Online Practice

What is Online Practice?

Online Practice is an interactive digital homework solution that helps students build English language skills.  Additional practice in reading, writing, listening, and speaking directly supports lessons from the student book.

A gradebook allows tracking of student progress and provides information to support and assess individual and class performance.

The interactive Classroom Presentation Tool allows teachers to share the student book with video and audio support for virtual classroom instruction.

For some programs, Online Practice is also available with the OLP App. Students can work offline and as soon as they connect to internet, all of their work will sync. 

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Course Planning and Effective Teaching with Online Practice

Synchronous Teaching with Online Practice

Independent Learning and Assessment with Online Practice

ExamView Overview for Grades K–8

Please note that the examples in the videos are from Our World. Slight variations in the functionality do occur with other programs in Online Practice. Speak to your Sales Consultant about exceptions.

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